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Resumo da Biografia In Germany only very few substances are permitted for skin lightening. Old means such as hydroquinone have been banned in recent years, since concerns were expressed about the human health of the user hair loss from seborrheic dermatitis. Side effects can be skin irritations up to skin infections. Also, the so-called kojic acid has not yet been released for medical applications. This can also lead to skin irritation or damage to the skin.


In addition, the natural acid protection coat of the skin is permanently disturbed. As a result, those affected are more susceptible to skin diseases of all kinds. After the spots have been scraped, for example, bacteria, fungi or viruses can accumulate on the wounds. The bleached skin also reacts much more strongly to UV radiation because of the lost protective layer. Burns of the skin surface are not uncommon.


On other continents, however, very strong acid treatments are still being used. Health is in any case endangered because of the partially not known, but mostly toxic, ingredients. There is therefore a need treatment of seborrheic keratosisto avoid such resources from the foreign countries. European products can, however, be used most harmlessly, but their effect will remain rather small.


Skin bleaching risks - at a glance


few approved active ingredients in Germany possible house damage


Weakening of natural acid protection mantle UV radiation after treatment more dangerous


Risk of skin diseases of any kind after itching and scratched skin spots particularly aggressive substances from abroad


Everyone has heard of the so-called omega-3 fatty acids. In a balanced amount, these fatty acids are to provide the body with necessary nutrients no matter how old one is. By taking the right omega-3 fatty acids, you can do good to your body, your cardiovascular system and your skin! The science also confirms that the appropriate fatty acids prevent diseases and improve the skin image as well as protect it. Here we show the right omega-3 fatty acids and give tips on how to improve your personal diet to refine the skin!


What are omega-3 fatty acids?


Omega-3 fatty acids are fats that are essential for our bodies. These are therefore so important to our organism because they do not produce all the fats themselves, but they enrich it. If enough omega-3 fatty acids have been absorbed, the body can perform a better and faster synthesis of the protein and produce more necessary hormones hair loss from seborrheic dermatitis. In addition, the change of cells is greatly accelerated. Inflammations of any kind are less pronounced or regenerated faster. The reduction of infectious diseases is achieved by the faster formation of defense cells.
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