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Resumo da Biografia Many people struggle with the appearance of their skin. Not infrequently some have a particularly dry, while others have a very greasy skin. The latter often leads to small inflammations, pimples or an impure skin image best shampoo for dermatitis. Multiple washing does not help against greasy gloss. Here we illuminate the facts around greasy skin and show which means really help! After all, greasy skin is no problem with proper care!

Causes of oily skin

The cause of greasy skin is quickly determined: in humans with a greasy skin the skin pores tend to produce more sebum than normally. It collects and can not be transported and processed in a natural way. In addition there are small scales of the cornea, which hinder the sebaceous glands and additionally favor the development of skin infections.

In addition, the skin of the affected person is usually weaker in their structure than average skin. More specifically, the upper layer is particularly thick and therefore not so well perfused. External factors that affect the skin or the human treatment of seborrheic dermatitis being can also be problematic. The climate or the temperature plays a role on the skin. But also the diet, exercise or stress have an effect on our skin.

Causes of oily skin - At a glance

    Overproduction of tallow
    Shed on the cornea
    weaker structure of the skin
    Thick, poorly perfused upper skin
    Climate and temperature
    Exercise and nutrition

Symptoms of oily skin

Symptoms of greasy skin are a shiny and large-pored skin surface. In most cases the skin is pale. The most affected areas are the frontal area, the cheeks and around the nose. These are purely cosmetic defects cure seborrheic dermatitis. Dangerous greasy skin is not. Rather, it also offers some advantages: it does not dry out so quickly and thus ruptures less frequently. In addition, people with more greasy skin are less likely to suffer from skin folds.
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