Use of chlorine solutions as disinfectant agents in health units to contain the spread of COVID-19

Frank Pereira de Andrade, Camila de Bessa Pereira


Objective: This study aimed to gather information available in different disinfection protocols for establishments that provide care to suspected or confirmed patients with COVID-19, to contain the spread of the virus, besides proposing different ways of preparing the bleach solution for the most varied purposes within a Health Unit. Methods: It was realized bibliographic research about disinfection protocols to contain COVID-19, as well as disinfectant agents used to inactivate the virus. Results: Many hospitals and basic health units perform disinfection in many hospitals based on disinfection protocols that are not suitable due to the insufficient amount of daily cleaning recommended, as well as the use of ineffective agents or in inadequate concentrations. Among the most used disinfectant agents chlorine solutions have been described as the most efficient and most applicable, thus, we recommend the use of solutions containing chlorine in its composition, such as commercial bleach, as well as highlight its finalities, correct way of use and application at environments that take care of patients with disease COVID-19 or suspected. Conclusion: the use of solutions containing chlorine in its composition, such as commercial bleach, is a viable alternative for disinfecting hospitals and health basic units, due to its efficiency against the coronavirus, low cost, accessibility, and greater applicability when detected by other widespread disinfectant agents.


COVID-19; Hospital disinfection; Disinfection protocols; Disinfecting agents; Chlorine solutions

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