Clinical and epidemiological characteristics and factors associated with mortality in adult patients admitted by COVID -19 in intensive care

Orivaldo Alves Barbosa, Talita Guimarães Andrade, Maria Danielly de Almeida Sousa, Sofia Esmeraldo Rodrigues, Paulo Robson Viana, Marcelo da Silva Moretto, Milena de Azevedo Teles, Hermano Alexandre Lima Rocha


Objectives: We conducted a retrospective, observational, case-control type study to define the clinical and epidemiological characteristics and factors associated with death in the intensive care of these patients. Methodology: We reviewed the medical records and examinations of 72 patients with confirmed diagnosis of SARS-CoV-2 infection in our intensive care unit (ICU). Results: In the review, 20 patients died during hospitalization, and 52 were discharged from the ICU. Associated with mortality, we verified, after analysis, that age, male gender, smoking, tropononin levels, creatinine, lymphocytes, bilirubin, and respiratory compliance were statistically significant. SOFA, APACHE 2, and SAPS 2 scores were good predictors of ICU mortality in this population. Conclusion: Despite several limitations, our study was able to demonstrate a series of clinical and laboratory factors associated with ICU death by COVID-19, compatible with international and multicenter case series


Coronavirus; Adult Respiratory Discomfort Syndrome; Critical Care

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