The challenges of reconstruction and rehabilitation of atrophic jaw with an autogenous graft from skull cap – a case report

Larissa Rodrigues Santiago, Amanda Jasmim Folli Eyzaguirre, Izabella Sol, Cristóvão Marcondes de Castro Rodrigues, Daniela Meneses-Santos, Cláudia Jordão Silva, Flaviana Soares Rocha


Introduction: One of the challenges of maxillofacial surgery is the rehabilitation of patients with severe bone loss, using implant-supported prostheses. This challenge is based on the small remaining bone structure, and on the need to reconstruct the structure for the rehabilitation with autogenous or exogenous grafts. Case report: We report the case of a patient with severe maxillary atrophy, where a skullcap graft was performed associated with implant placement and prosthetic completion 14 months after the start of treatment. Final considerations: We demonstrate clinical safety for the use of extraoral grafts without complications, representing a good alternative treatment for this group of patients.


Maxilla; Edentulous Jaw; Skull. Bone Transplantation; Oral Reconstruction

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