Dental treatment before surgery in a patient with cleft lip and palate: case report

Thyciana Rodrigues Ribeiro, Sara Maria Silva, Erlane Marques Ribeiro, Cristiane Sá Roriz Fonteles


Introduction: orofacial clefts are common congenital malformations with an important social, psychological, and economic impact. The treatment of this condition may include different surgical procedures that previously require an adequate oral condition. Case report: we report a case of dental treatment before palatoplasty in a male patient of 17 years-old with bilateral cleft lip and palate and lesion in the jugal mucosa. Final considerations: the adequacy of the oral environment is a fundamental step in the treatment of patients with orofacial clefts and aims to restore oral health regardless of the degree of complexity of the dental treatment through the reduction of the pathogenic microbiota, elimination of retentive niches, instructions on diet and adequate oral hygiene and constant patient motivation.


Cleft Palate; Mouth Rehabilitation; Dental Caries

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