A reflection on the role, competence, and training of the nurse-teacher

José Erivelton de Souza Maciel Ferreira, Maria Vitória Sousa Silva, Janna Helca Duarte Carneiro Da Costa Cardoso, Emanuelle Gonçalves Santos de Macedo, Matheus Mesquita de Sousa, Dara Cesario Oliveira


Education is a process that is formed from the application of own methods. Some of the nurse teacher's competencies are: influencing the way of acting and thinking about health inside and outside the classroom; breaking bubbles and paradigms that insist on concentrating the same ideas and conceptions on the same object; and inculcating future perspectives that help to sustain the critical consciousness of humanity in the economic, ecological, social, spatial and cultural spheres. We invite these professionals, based on these reflections, to think, rethink and discuss their roles, competencies, and ongoing training.


Nursing; Education; Teaching

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12662/2317-3076jhbs.v10i1.4560.p1-2.2022


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