Symptomatic perception of patients affected by chronic chikungunya: a qualitative perspective

Thyago Henrique Pereira dos Santos, Mariana Prado do Amaral, Débora Rabelo Magalhães Brasil, Marina Carvalhos Arruda Barreto, Shamyr Sulyvan Castro, Marcelo José Monteiro Ferreira


Objective: To understand the demands caused by chikungunya in the chronic phase and their impacts on patients’ mental health and quality of life. Materials and methods: This is a qualitative study, performed from November 2019 to January 2020. Focus groups and deep interviews were carried out. Then, the Discourse Analysis was performed. Results: Chronic pain was the main clinical manifestation reported by the participants, being responsible for affecting aspects related to quality of life and mental health. As for psycological view, this study showed that chronic pain was also reported as one of the main symptoms related to anxiety and depression among research subjects. Conclusion: this study demonstrated how the chronic illness caused by Chikungunya impacted the subjects' perception in the domains related to quality of life and mental health. Furthermore, we seek to focus on the management of disease in a holistic way, putting the patients’ own awareness of the impacts of the disease on their lives in a relevant level of their treatment.


Quality of Life; Disease Management; Public Health; Chikungunya

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