Alternative therapy improves hematological profiles of captive snakes from northeastern Brazil

Alyne Costa Martins, Roberta da Rocha Braga


Objective: Evaluate the effects of alternative therapy on the hematological profiles of different families of captive snakes. Methodology: Captive snakes at NUROF-UFC were submitted to a clinical and hematological evaluation before and after applying an alternative treatment, including systematic sunbathing and hydration by soaking bathes twice a week for five weeks. The biometric, clinical, and hematological data were compared by multivariate analysis of variance and investigated for possible causal relationships by general linear models. Results: A significant difference was observed between erythrograms and global leukograms in the three families of snakes evaluated before and after treatment. The significant reduction in the heterophil: lymphocyte ratio in the Family Colubridae after treatment was noteworthy. Discussion: The results were most likely due to stress level reduction by improving thermoregulation and conversion of vitamin D during sunbathing, oral rehydration and refreshing in soaking baths, and general metabolic rates due to physical exercise. Conclusion: The results confirm the initial hypothesis, assuming that a simple but systematic treatment that included sunlight exposure and immersion hydration was efficient in reducing stress rates.


Reptiles; Hematology; Sunbathing; Hydration

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