Removal of Foreign Body in the Rafe Pterigomandibular: Case Report

Matheus Souza Vilas Boas Santos, Nilvia Maria Lima Gomes, Rebeca Santos Pereira Antunes, Leandro Silvestre de Oliveira Gomes, Wilton Magalhães da Silva Junior, Fátima Karoline Araújo Alves Dultra


Introduction: Penetrating lesions in the oral cavity, caused by foreign bodies, is an event of significant clinical relevance and presents itself as an important etiological factor, especially in pediatric patients. Several objects are related to this type of trauma, such as knife blades, nails, pencils, wood, firearm projectile, and glass, among others. Case Report: This report describes a case of removal of a pencil lodged in the left pterygomandibular raphe of a pediatric patient, as well as all the conduct adopted by the team of surgeons. Discussion: Pterygomandibular raphe has an intimate relationship with noble structures, and injuries by penetrating instruments in this region can result in important clinical repercussions. Due to this, it is necessary to have an efficient clinical-anamnesis examination, with adequate analysis of the affected structures, in order to provide a fast and effective treatment. Conclusion: For this, it is essential to have qualified professionals, adequate equipment available, and the proper management of the victim.


Trauma; Penetrating Injuries; Oral Cavity

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