Lys-Belli Alves Correia Santos Albuquerque, Fagner José Coutinho de Melo, Djalma Silva Guimarães Junior, Carlos Henrique Michels de Sant’Anna, Larissa de Arruda Xavier


This study has the purpose of bringing a verification about the logistics of transportation at the airport centers in Brazil through a literature review method using two databases (DOAJ and Scielo) to collect articles to create a portfolio that moved on into the thematic, analysis, and synthesis in the scientific production of logistics of transportation in the Brazilian Air Cargo sector. It was a literature review using two databases (DOAJ and Scielo), analyzing 33 articles related to the theme. After analyzing synthetically, the studies found, it was noticed that the studies directly related to the transport and distribution of goods are based on finding performance indexes within organizations or on the use of transport intermodality. The literature review used two databases (DOAJ and Scielo). This study presents suggestions for future scientific literary productions in the Logistics of Air Cargo, with guidelines for accounting costs, indices of logistical performance in air cargo terminals, and the application of tools to support decision-making within airport centers. It was possible to see the scientific production of the theme to better view the literature gaps about it and obtained suggestions for the production of future projects.


logistics of transportation; logistics of cargo; airport centers; systematic review; supply chain

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12662/2359-618xregea.v11i3.p119-141.2022

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